Frequently asked questionsfrequently asked questions

  • How can I receive a warranty?
  • You can get it printed out on our website. 
    In order to be able to print out the warranty from the website, you need to first register on our website, fill out your personal hot omega replica watches information, and enter information about the site where Luxteel products have been used. A representative will then visit your site, and after confirming the authenticity of the product, you will receive an email with the warranty.
  • I purchased a Luxteel product; how can I check for its authenticity?
  • A professional representative from Luxteel will inspect your site and verify whether the genuity of the product.
    If you enter the site information on our website on the warranty application section or give a call to one of our representatives, we can verify the authenticity of the product after a site inspection and later issue a warranty.replica watches swiss made
  • How can I check the price of each product?
  • Please consult one of our representatives or the official producers hot replica omega watches
  • How can I receive a sample of the physical product?
  • You can request for a sample on our website and we will it to you via mail.
    You can request for a sample by selecting on a color and pattern of your choice. After you submit the code for your selections on our website, one of our representatives will verify the details with you and mail swiss fake breitling watches you a sample. The size of the sample is about the size of an A4 paper, and you need to register on our website and fill out your personal information before requesting a physical sample. It may take 2-3 days or more from the time of your request to receival of the sample. You can check the status of your request on our website.
  • How long is the warranty valid for?
  • The years for the warranty varies by product (maximum of 25 years), and if you tell us the code for a product that you have purchased or are planning to purchase, we can verify the warranty time for replica cartier watches
  • Where can I purchase Luxteel?
  • Luxteel can be purchased through Dongkuk Steel Group's official distributor. Check the section 'Inquiry & Assistance - Official producers' to find information about Luxteel vendors new hublot replica watches